Addiction? The Public Health Impact of E-cigarettes

The use of vaporized nicotine products (VNPs), especially e-cigarettes and, to a lesser extent, pressurized aerosol nicotine products and heat-not-burn tobacco products, are being adopted increasingly as an alternative to smoking combusted products, primarily cigarettes. Considerable controversy has accompanied their marketing and use. We propose a framework that describes and incorporates patterns of VNP and combustible cigarette use in determining the total amount of toxic exposure effects on population health.

California DPH : National Smokeless Tobacco Summit

During the 8th National Summit on Smokeless and Spit Tobacco, held in Albuquerque New Mexo during April 18-20, 2016, California Department of Public Health employee Julie Lautsch gave a presentation titled “A Digital Game”. Considering the slides used in the presentation, and its content, it is abundantly clear that the California Department of Public Health considers their misleading propaganda and our attempts to set the record straight nothing more than “A Digital Game”. Except in this “game” the lives of millions of smokers are at risk but evidently they couldn’t care less about how many smokers die. Since we do not have the script, text, or recorded presentation that goes along with these slides we decided to make a valiant attempt at filling in the blanks.

Royal College of Physicians: Encourages Smokers to Vape

Today The Royal College of Physicians is releasing a new 200 page report titled “Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction” which concludes, among other things: Smokers can be reassured and ENCOURAGED to use e-cigs, and the public can be reassured that e-cig are MUCH SAFER than smoking. E-cigs are NOT a gateway to smoking.
E-cigs do NOT result in normalization of smoking. Evidence indicates that e-cigs are being used almost exclusively as SAFER ALTERNATIVES to smoked tobacco, by confirmed smokers who are trying to REDUCE HARM to themselves OR OTHERS from smoking, or to quit smoking completely.

Electronic Cigarette Supporters Say Fires Are Preventable

Minneapolis ABC affiliate KSTP ran a great story on battery failure -and- safety. We’re glad to see the reporter included a demo of how to store batteries in a case and the anchor ended the segment by reminding users of vapor products not to carry loose batteries in a pocket with keys/coins.

Obviously, they can’t cover everything in under 2 minutes, but it’s refreshing to see media coverage acknowledging that these incidents are fairly rare.